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Sezam is one of the most famous Korean brands, since 2003. We develop and produce media centers and receivers based on open Linux OS. We carefully support all our products and this is why we made Sezam line on Broadcom chipsets. Stay with us and we will open the new media world together!

  • who we are

    Sezam is one of the most famous Korean brands, since 2003.

  • what we do

    We make the different multimedia solution based on Linux platform.

  • our great team

    We make the best support for all our customers. Sezam choose the best chipsets and hw solution for our products

Sezam video

Seasondream IPTV plugin

Services What Sezam Provides

Sezam provides the best support for our customers.
  • Software update

    Online and USB software, driver update.

  • Two years warranty

    We carefully maintain our products for 2 years.

Enigma 2 images

Many E2 images support Sezam receivers.They provide online and USB update and they have own servers with lot of different plugins!

All Sezam models have the Multiboot function.You can try to install E2 images from network on USB/HDD and try to launch it one by one at start menu. Two biggest images support us directly: EGAMI and OpenATV.They have own forums and branches for all our models.


Sezam boxes support different media functions and network protocols for sharing media and IPTV, You can use Web Interface or Steaming the content to your network!

Sezam has Media and Picture players, File manager and it can be used like Network Storage. Sure you can use it like client-server. We implemented the support of DLNA, NFC, CIFS, FTP, Telnet, Midnight commander. Be sure all your needs will be met!

All kind of Tv in one box

Sezam provides many TV functions, such as Satellite, Cable, Terrestrial, IPTV. All you need is Sezam with special tuners on the board and Internet access for IPTV OTT

Sezam supports all kind of scan and configurations: automatic, blind, manual, search by provider and DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS for motor antenna, different LNB types. All classic functions like PVR, EPGs, Timers and Timeshift are included in software

User friendly interface

All Enigma 2 images support the different GUI for users, you can download it from the Server or install it manually. Many styles and themes are supported!

Many popular skins(GUI) you can find at our Community in Plugins and Skins section.You can control your Sezam by Android and iOS apps from phone or use the Web interface. All menus have the translation on many languages, you can set it at start Wizard or in Settings menu.

We use the latest Multimedia Technology

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Choose Your Sezam

All our Sezam models are modern satellite-media boxes. They have a powerful Broadcom chipsets and HW inside which can accept the challenge from the new media world.All Software based on open Linux, it's allows you to configure, fix and write your own plugins on Python.
  • Sezam Marvel

    • BCM 7424
    • 2GB NAND and RAM
    • OLED display 256x64
    • 2 x CI, 2 x CA
    • LAN 1Gbps, 3 x USB 2.0
    • Wi Fi up to 300 Mbps
    • 2 x internal DVB-S2 tuners
    • 1 x detachable T2/C tuner
    • Support of 2,5/3,5 HDD/SSD
    • Support of 3/4G modems
    • HDMI out, HDMI in
    • RCA, YpbPr, SPDIF
    • e-SATA, RS 232
    Made in Korea
  • Sezam 5000HD

    • BCM 7413
    • 512Mb NAND and RAM
    • VFD display
    • 2 x CI, 2 x CA
    • LAN 10/100Mbps
    • Support of Wi Fi dongles
    • 2 x detachable DVB-S2 tuner
    • 3 x USB 2.0
    • Support of 2,5/3,5 HDD/SSD
    • Support of 3/4G modems
    • HDMI out
    • RCA, YpbPr, SPDIF
    • Scart, RS 232
    Made in Korea
  • Sezam 1000HD

    • BCM 7358
    • 512MB NAND and RAM
    • VFD display
    • 1 x CI, 2 x CA
    • LAN 10/100Mbps
    • Support of Wi Fi dongles
    • 1 x internal DVB-S2 tuners
    • 2 x USB 2.0
    • External DC power
    • Support of 3/4G modems
    • HDMI out
    • RCA, YpbPr, SPDIF
    • RS 232
    Made in Korea
  • Sezam supports

    • PVR and Timeshift
    • Mediaplayer
    • Online Sw update
    • IPTV, Streaming
    • Multiboot for E2 images
    • DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2
    • USALS, PiP
    • Telnet, Midnight commander
    • Android and iOS apps
    • Plugin installation
    • Different Skin
    • Web interface
    Open Linux